decoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies mould

decoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies mould

decoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies mould

decoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies mould

decoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies mould
decoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies moulddecoStick Halloween Chocolate Lollies mouldChocolate Lolly Moulds, Halloween sticky snacks

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multiple mould 5 mixed subjects

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decoStick® Halloween mould - Chocolate Lolly Moulds - Halloween Lollipop moulds‎

multiple mould 5 mixed subjects

decoStick® for chocolate praline sticks.
For the HALLOWEEN party, decosil® characters, ghosts, bats, skeletons, witches and pumpkins become funny sticky snacks!

Snack of chocolate with nuts and chocolate creams simply decorated or covered with chocolate sprinkles or crispy.

Multiple mould to 5 fingerprints to create chocolate on a stick in animal shape:
Ghost - Bat - Skeleton - Witche and pumpkin - Vampire

The innovative decoStick® moulds for chocolate allow to obtain quickly and effortlessly with chocolates on a stick amaizing and irresistible decoration for young and old.


Mould type: multiple 1 face
Subject dimensions: MAX b cm 6 x h cm 10 x p cm 3
Mould dimensions: b cm 39 x h cm 14,5 x p cm 3,5
n° of subjects per mould: 5
Mould weight: approximately 1,125 kg.

Chocolate subject weight GHOST 79 g.

Chocolate subject weight BAT 84 g.

Chocolate subject weight DRACULA 93 g.

Chocolate subject weight SKELETON 68 g.

Chocolate subject weight WITCH WITH PUMPKIN 108 g.

Step by Step

From an idea of Gabriele Bozio for decosil comes a collection of moulds dedicated to the creation of subjects or geometric forms supported by sticks for snacks or desserts.
decoStick allows you to quickly create original finger-food and elegant appetizers, ideal for a buffet service.
Can be used with fluid products: chocolate, sugar, mousse, Bavarian, lollies, jellies or pastes such as ice cream, marzipan, steak tartare, fish or vegetarian.


How to make Halloween chocolate lollipops

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