Holly Christmas Tree Mould

Holly Christmas Tree Mould

Holly Christmas Tree Mould

Holly Christmas Tree Mould

Holly Christmas Tree Mould
Holly Christmas Tree Mould
Holly Christmas Tree MouldHolly Christmas Tree MouldHolly Christmas Tree chocolate christmas tree mold

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Holly Christmas Tree - LINEAGUSCIO® Chocolate Christmas Tree Mould

"REGISTERED DESIGN"                  

Step by Step

It will be exciting to make your own Christmas ornaments and decorations that follow the round on all sides, it will seem that the holly tree of chocolate has been hand-carved with high relief and bas-reliefs, which will produce a three-dimensional sculptural effect.


Type of mould: 2 parts 
Dimensions of the subject: diameter b cm 16 x h cm 23 
Dimensions of the mould: diameter b cm 17 x h cm 23,5 
n° of subjects per mould: 1
Weight of the mould: approximately 0,672 kg.

To use the LINEAGUSCIO® moulds you must have at least one thermoformed Kit
Code 12300 Thermoformed Pine Mould kit of 2 pieces  

Step by Step

decosil® leaves nothing to chence, adding to the pine of special support for packaging:

Base Pine Code 12304 

The base is a separated article and so it must be purchased separately.
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